Support for Article Publications

Support for article publication

AlMaarefa University is glad to announce support to cover article publication charges in journals of scientific reputation for research carried out by students and faculty members. The applicant should fill the prescribe form and submit to the research center along with required documents.


  1. The work reported in the manuscript has significant contribution from AlMaarefa students and/or faculty members.
  2. The journal publisher should be a well-known organization with distinguished scientific reputation and determined by the University research committee.
  3. The journal should be specialized with a distinct and global reputation, and is indexed by the approved indexing agencies such as Thomson Reuters (ISI web of science), with an impact factor, which is determined by the University research committee.
  4. The paper acceptance within the journal should be based on review/arbitration in which the journal should be a referee journal, and the University research committee. may check that out.
  5. The published research paper should be at a high scientific level, and the University research committee. may decide on it.
  6. The main/corresponding author of the article should have affiliation with AlMaarefa University.
  7. The published paper should not pass one year since its publication when applying for the excellence award.
  8. The invoice generated should be in favor of AlMaarefa University or the University employee/student.
  9. The published paper should have been accepted while the author working at AlMaarefa University.
  10. The published paper should not be funded through a research project grant supported by Al Maarefa University or any other source of funding within or outside the Kingdom.
  11. The topic of the published paper should be correlated to the faculty member specialty, research interests, or responsibilities.
  12. The maximum amount payable towards publication charges should not exceed 5000 SAR. However, University research committee is free to extend the limit to support research publication charges in highly reputed journal.



1. Applicant should apply to the University research committee after filling the respective form.

2. The attachments include published research article/letter of acceptance along with an evidence of its indexing/ranking, only from web of science (ISI). Web of Science is accessible through SDL using mcst gmail account.

3. The reques should be discussed at the University research committee meeting to valdiate the quality of paper, the journal reputation, its scientific prestige, its acceptance policies, its classification within the approved research indexing agencies. If approved, it will be processed to AlMaarefa University rector for final approval.

Please write to to get the required form. Duly filled form along with all required documents should be email back to the research center at