Research Committee Mandate

Research Committee Mandate


Al-Maarefa University school of medicine affiliated faculties and students have a lot of extracurricular research activities, this necessitates regulating body, the research committee plays the stewardship role, it facilitates and serves both faculty and students.


VISION: To foster optimum appropriate scientific research to solve the health problems.


MISSION:  To provide advice to participants, researchers and professional on the extent that research studies comply with recognized research standards.



  • To ensure that the highest research standards apply to AL-MAAREFA UNIVERSITY- SCHOOL OF MEDICINE.
  • To set out the relevant research principles and values by which researcher should design and conduct.
  • To ensure that researches are subjected to a research review process.
  • To ensure that the researchers are recognizing the impact of the research for human health.
  • To encourage publication of researches in various medical journals to help the spread of knowledge.


 Terms of reference (TOR):

1/ Technical approval:

  •      The fundamental role of the research committee is to approve worthy research projects technically as nominated proposals for support, the committee strategy for this role can be summarized as follows:

A - Each researcher should fulfill all the research concept paper template sections.

B - The research committee might discuss as needed with the researcher the expected outcome as it should have obvious contribution to holes of the science body.

C – Prioritization of applied research, this is done through subjection of each research to the agreed upon prioritization criteria scores. 

2/ Governance:

  •          This implies monitoring of research through the proposed timelines

3/ Resource allocation:

  •          Research committee decides which research deserves grant, so there will be additional criteria for proposals that require funding covers more details regarding operational cost in terms of Money, Manpower Time (MMT) and the grant allocated would follow the standard percentages for different budget sections.

4/ Documentation: of the activities of the research committee and this is done through regular meeting which will be held monthly. Biannual report with specific format documents all activities done by the committee.

5/ Coordination: with the ethical committee regrading approved research projects for facilitation of the field work, also the committee might contact any one affiliated to MCST as appropriate to contribute in its activities.

Intellectual property protection:

  1. Addition or removal of any researches from proposal after submission to the committee is unaccepted unless with good justifiable reasons.
  2. Proposals should be revised from Staff of MCST and approved from head of the department before submission.
  3. Name of the principal author should be rewritten first on the proposal followed by the names of other researchers and finally the supervising faculty member name.


How to submit your proposal

  1. Enter to web site of research committee and download the application form.
  2. Full fill the application form and submit  it with both soft and hard copy of the proposal to the secretary of vice dean Faculty of medicine- Al-Maarefa University
  3.  A budget should be attached with the above requirement if the researchers need fund.
  4. Researchers CV should be submitted with the above requirements.


Aplication Form for students Aplication Form for faculties
Aplication Form for students 

   Aplication Form for faculties