Research Plan


The Al-Maarefa University (UM) is privileged to be in the midst of defining our future through the process of strategic plan with objectives and goals in accordance with the ambitious yet obtainable vision 2030. As an integral component of strategic plan, UM has developed executable and reliable research plan for the next six years. UM is committed to this transformational and new entrepreneurial approach to research, discovery, innovation and technology transfer and become a contributor for the prosperity and wellbeing of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The development of a robust initiatives/projects are necessary to ignite a vibrant environment of intellectual curiosity throughout the campus of university. During the process of its development, UM uses “Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)” to assess its current performance and guide action towards improvement.

The third strategic goal of UM is to 'Promote and support high impact scientific contributions'. There are sixteen initiatives/projects proposed during this period and 69 KPIs are identified. The leadership of the University and staff of research center in coordination with all stakeholders will monitor work towards execution of this plan. This ambitious plan for our research requires an unwavering commitment to develop a sound foundational infrastructure of policies, guidelines and procedures that can efficiently and effectively nurture this expanded research plan for all stakeholders. Although this inaugural Research Plan will allow this journey to begin, we recognize the inevitable need for its constant evolution and revision to meet yet unknown opportunity.