@AlMaarefa: #Knowledge University - represented by the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research - welcomes university students to the research and research camp
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A word from the Dean of Scientific Research

Al-Ma'rifa University was established according to the principles of generating long-term knowledge that is expected to be a significant addition to the advancement of society - any society. It is an established fact that research-based knowledge achieves sustainable development and heralds rich future returns. Therefore, the Research Center at Al-Maarifa University adopts participation in the process of research development by spreading the culture of scientific research, and calling for its adoption as a method of practice for every academic process, whether among faculty members or students, through an executive research plan for the next six years (2020-2025 AD) that adheres to , In line with the new approach, the shift to entrepreneurship for research, discovery, innovation, and technology transfer; It is based on the third strategic goal of Al-Maarifa University, which states: “Promoting and supporting high-impact scientific contributions.” Sixteen initiatives or projects were proposed during this period, and 69 key performance indicators were identified. The Research Center will coordinate with all concerned parties to follow up on the implementation of This plan requires a consistent commitment to developing a sound infrastructure of policies, guidelines, and procedures that can efficiently and effectively nurture the expanded research plan. Although this initial research plan will allow our scientific journey to begin, we recognize the inevitable need to review it and develop it in accordance with scientific and practical needs.

Dr.. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Shehri
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We are proud to showcase the success stories of our students, highlight their achievements, and inspire others to achieve their academic goals and dreams.”

Dr.. Nayef bin Suleiman Al-Ali
Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine
I found myself grateful for my university: the University of Knowledge; Although the academic system is strict. There is no relentlessness in discipline and achievement. However, the feeling of being in an educational (family) environment motivates you to learn. The university professor is generous without being weary, giving you education and training until you become proficient.
Alia bint Nidal Al-Sahli
Information systems graduate
What distinguishes Al-Maarifa University, specifically in my specialty. It enables the student to acquire additional practical skills that place the student on the process of accumulating bread while studying. To be qualified for the labor market upon graduation. Also, my university was not limited to theoretical specialization and practical training
Sarah bint Naji Al-Qahtani
Information systems graduate
Praise be to God and his success. We - as students at Al-Maarifa University - have realized this requirement since the first days of studying the specialty. Early visits were organized by the university to major specialized companies. We realized the importance of diversifying our learning sources.

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