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To graduate competent physicians with high ethical values in an effective educational environment, inspiring research and community service


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Supervisor's word

“Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, and may blessings and peace be upon the Faithful Guide, his family, companions, and followers.

As for after,

Thanks to God Almighty and then thanks to the efforts of its knowledgeable and experienced staff, the agency strives to provide the best in its diverse work, which is represented in providing student services and activities, psychological counseling and student guidance, in addition to the graduate center. The agency also pays great attention to continuous development through various initiatives that include health and sports aspects, happiness programs, trips and visits, in addition to participating in national events and international days. All of this contributes to the integration of building students’ personalities, enhancing their cultural and practical skills, and preparing them for professional and social life.

In short: We strive diligently in the agency’s strategy in accordance with the university’s plan, inspired by our vision in accordance with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 (a vibrant society), to enable university graduates to understand and develop themselves, to benefit from their diverse talents and abilities, and to provide the service that helps them achieve their goals, until they reach the thresholds of graduation. With a spirit full of pride and hope for a future full of achievement and success, with the help of God Almighty.

We ask God Almighty for help, success and guidance, and that we live up to the good expectations of our students and their parents, and God is the Grantor of success.

A word from the Student and Alumni Affairs Team
About them: Supervisor of the agency
Dr.. Mohammed bin Ahmed Al-Hashim”

Dr.. Muhammad bin Ahmed Al-Hashim

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