Accreditation and Recognition

  • MCST is licensed by The Saudi Ministry of Education and its degrees are fully accredited.
  • MCST singed an agreement with NCAAA to prepare the Institution for the Institutional accreditation 
  • The Review Panel from NCAAA will visite the Institution in Sha'ban 1439 / April 2018 
  • The academic majors and curriculum have been designed and approved by King Abdullah Institute for Research and Consulting Studies (KAI-RCS) at King Saud University. The scientific references for these programs are international accreditation bodies, scientific associations, and top universities. More than forty experts with doctorate degrees, and medical boards and fellowship have participated in the design of University curriculum. 

Quality of Teaching:

MCST recognizes that a competent and dedicated faculty is the core of a high quality educational program. To this end, MCST facilitates the development of its faculty by providing an environment that nurtures individual efforts and professional growth. MCST encourage all its faculty members to provide high-quality instruction, intellectual contributions, and service activities. In pursuit of its mission, MCST continuously assesses its programs and improve services to all of its constituents. The undergraduate programs aim to develop the basic skills and understanding necessary for success in a broad range of careers. To accomplish MCST mission, the curricula emphasize:

  • The importance of quality professional education.
  • An understanding of the global market-place.
  • The ability to analyze and resolve ethical dilemmas and legal concerns.
  • The ability to recognize and understand the issues of cultural diversity.
  • The development of computer competencies.
  • The necessity of effective oral and written communication.

Quality education is accomplished through effective teaching, which is the highest priority of MCST, complemented by intellectual contributions and community service. Effective teaching in the pursuit of MCST mission requires that the students are proficient in their field of study and must acquire competencies in the following areas:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Ethical Sensitivity
  • Effective Communication
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Technology