College of Pharmacy


To be a leading private higher education institution in the region.


To graduate ethical and professional pharmacists committed to serve the community with an advanced pharmacy knowledge, creativity and pioneering research.

Academic Program

Our college offers bachelorette degree, Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) to students enrolled in the program. 

About our Pharm.D. Program

Students enrolled in this program are offered high-quality courses that are unique and based on the advancement in pharmacy education to graduate ethical and professional pharmacists whom are creative and pioneers in research to serve the community in all aspects. 

Our Pharm.D. Curriculum consists of five years of didactic courses that also offers an early practice experiences to give our students a solid foundation regarding pharmacy practice and patient care followed by one year of internship that covers different fields of pharmacy and not merely limited to clinical pharmacy.  

Degree Requirements

In order for students to complete their studies they need to:

  • Successfully complete a minimum of five years of study (171 Credit Hours). through completing a number of accredited units from the general curriculum of Al Maarefa University alongside a number of accredited units from the compulsory courses taught at The College of Pharmacy as well as a number of accredited units from their chosen discipline.
  • In addition to a successful completion of internship during the last year (not less than 48 weeks of training) Where students will practice the knowledge and skills they have gained in numerous areas of the profession.

Career Opportunities for Graduates

Our Pharm.D. graduates have a range of career choices. They are qualified to join hospital practices as valuable members in health care teams. They also have the choice of joining drug and food authorities, local and international pharmaceutical companies. They may also participate in research centers and can contribute to community pharmacies. 

Our Pharm.D. graduates have other options to enhance their clinical expertise through the residency programs, which will enable them to improve their skills and capabilities in the field of clinical pharmacy. They may also continue their studies in higher education pursuing masters or PhD in numerous fields.