Activity assigned for certain group (section) does not appear for some students in that group (section)

Make sure that the student is added to that Group (section), follow the steps:

  1. from Administration Block > Course Administration>Users> Enrolled users
  2. In the search box, type the academic number of the student & click Enter
  3. Student's information will be displayed, including the groups that the student is enrolled to. If the student is not enrolled to that group, then you must add him/her


To Add Student to the Group

  1. From Administration Block> under Course Administration> click Users> Groups
  2. Click on the group number (section) on the left> the names of the members of that group will appear on the Right
  3. Under "Members of" list> Click on the button "Add \ Remove user"
  4. In the search box, under list of potential members> enter the student's academic number > then press Enter
  5. Student information will appear in the list of potential members>click on it > then press the "Add" button to add the student in the group.

If the problem persist, please  contact the admin