Health Information Systems


To be a leading private higher education institution in the region.


 The health information systems program is to produce disciplined, competent, and highly qualified health information systems professionals.


The health information systems program is an interdisciplinary profession that is based on computing and public health disciplines. This profession specifically focused on fundamental and advanced computing technologies that serve in managing and processing health data in a way that assist the health care providers to serve the patients in a safe and efficient way. Such program prepares students to be instructed into the highest level of certified and licensed health informatics. The program will prepare students to become qualified health information technologist ready to work in general hospital settings.

The objectives of the Health Information Systems program

1) Provides graduates with solid and diversified knowledge and hands-on experience to prepare them as skilled health information system practitioners.
2) Provides an educational experience that develops the student’s intellectual ability in order to facilitate the development of independent judgment and problem-solving skills.
3) Provides graduates that demonstrate various cognitive and communication skills that promote them to succeed in their professional careers through team work, proactive involvement, critical thinking, ethical behavior and responsibility, effective communication skills, and influential roles in their organizations and communities.
4) Identifies opportunities for health information systems research and utilize its results and findings in evidence-based health information systems profession practice.
5) Provides graduates that demonstrate self-professional development and life-long learning.
6) Provides graduates with the ability to pursue their postgraduate studies and succeed in academic and research careers.

Degree Requirements

Courses  Credits
MCST General Requirements 47
College General Requirements 29
HIS Program Requirements 61
Total 137

Career Opportunities

The scope of preparation and practice of the Health Information Systems program enables the graduate to be able to compete with the graduates of other public and private universities in attaining challenging positions in both government and private healthcare providers’ agencies. The health information systems graduates pursue careers as system analysts and desk specialists. Other job titles may include:

  • Health Informatics specialist
  • Health Systems/Databases Analyst.
  • Health Systems Designer.
  • Health Systems/Applications Developer.
  • Health Database Administrator (DBA).
  • E-Health Systems Analyst.