Objectives and Task



To create an exceptional climate of support for AlMaarefa University researchers


The research center aims at supporting and encouraging the scientific research in the AlMaarefa University in line with the strategic plans and objectives of the University. The research center works under the direction of the vice rector of the University. The center seeks to achieve its objectives through the implementation of the following tasks:

  1. Prepare the executive operation plan for scientific research at University within the framework of the University’ strategic plan, objectives, and policies, and follow up its implementation.
  2. Follow up the progress of scientific research groups in University and to ensure the adequacy and effectiveness of their performance, and coordinating their activities to achieve harmony and integration among them.
  3. Coordinate with the appropriate local and international research institutions as a prelude to cooperate with it for the purposes of scientific research in order to serve the objectives and policies of University in building local or international partnerships and/or agreements.
  4. Establish the policies and procedures that encourage scientific research and research in the University and provide the necessary support to achieve the University’ goals in achieving outstanding scientific research.
  5. Propose the scientific research programs in the medical, health, and technology fields to achieve the University’s goals in the contribution to attain the objectives of the national plan for science and technology and innovations in Saudi Arabia.
  6. Encourage the scholars and researchers of the University’ faculty and students with intellectual and/or innovative capabilities to recruit and develop their capabilities to achieve the goals of University in achieving scientific excellence.