Quality Center

About Us: 

Almaarefa University is at an exciting and expansive stage of development which is in line with VISION2030. To guide this next stage of growth, UM conducted a major planning process, in which it solicited input from a broad range of interested parties including faculty, staff, students and external stakeholders, collected data and reviewed performance. Based on this process, UM developed a disciplined long-term approach to expanding the scope and impact of its work. This strategic plan provides a clear blueprint for Almaarefa Colleges future. At its core, the plan shows the way toward building on UM strengths as a nexus for innovation and the hub of excellence in health and technology in the region. It outlines a focused direction for maximizing UM research’s effectiveness, better informing decision-makers and providing cutting-edge teaching and learning environment.


To prepare high caliber participants in knowledge-based society; and to motivate creativity, excellence in research, education, and community service.


To be a leading private higher education institution in the region.

MCST Values:

  1. Quality: Promoting quality in all aspects of UM Mission.
  2. Teamwork: Foster a corporate culture that enhances individual creativity and teamwork value, while honoring mutual trust and respect between all.
  3. Trust and honesty: An atmosphere where honesty—and the trust that results—is a guiding principle. 
  4. Student focused community: Students are our first stakeholder.