Scientific Conferences’ Attendance

The main committee for scientific research evaluates the conference attendance requests and made its recommendations based on the following policies


  1. The applicant of the faculty members should have spent at least one academic year (two semesters) in Al Maarefa University and earned a rating of at least a very good in the appraisal report during the previous year.
  2. The applicant of the faculty members should be actively involved in the various activities and committees within the department and/or the college that he/she belongs to.
  3. The conference organizer should be a well-known organization with distinguished scientific reputation and determined by the main committee for scientific research.
  4. The conference should be a specialized (not a multi-conference) with an outstanding reputation, and is being organized on ongoing basis, and has been held for at least five times for at least five years. And should be indexed by a famous research indexing agency that determined by the main committee for scientific research.
  5. The applicant should have an accepted paper for publication in the conference.
  6. The paper acceptance at the conference should be based on review/arbitration in which the conference should be a referee conference, and the main committee for scientific research may check that out.
  7. The conference topics/theme should be correlated to the applicant’s specialty, research interests, or responsibilities.
  8. The accepted paper for publication should not be funded through a research project grant supported by the Al Maarefa University or any other source of funding within or outside the Kingdom.
  9. The conference should not be coincided with the obligations or teaching responsibilities of the applicant at Al Maarefa University that cannot be overcome or covered.
  10. The faculty member may attend one conference during one academic year; the main committee for scientific research may recommend approval of another conference based on the recommendation of the council of the college to which the applicant belongs.
  11. The accepted research paper should be at a high scientific level, and the main committee for scientific research may determine that, even if the paper is accepted by the organizer of the conference.
  12. The main affiliation of the author in the published paper should be Al Maarefa University.
  13. The accepted paper or any part of it should not have been published in any form or languages in any other conference or journal, Al Maarefa University may take all necessary action in case of such violation.
  14. If more than one author within Al Maarefa University has participated in the accepted paper, the principal author or the one that they agree upon may be nominated, In case the other authors are from outside Al Maarefa University, the principle author should be from Al Maarefa University.
  15. The number of conferences’ attendees of every college per year should not exceed 15% of the total faculty in each college, and in the case of applicants’ equality of opportunities, priorities are given to those who did not attend conference during the previous year or those who have more participation and more active in Al Maarefa University’s activities and committees.
  16. Faculty member may not travel without prior approval by Al Maarefa University.
  17. Faculty member should offer an attendance proof after returning from the conference from the organizer of the conference.
  18. Faculty member should provide, after returning from the conference, a report on the course of the conference with a copy of his research paper from the conference records (conference proceedings) to the his department council and then to the college concerned Council, including aspects of development that could be used in developing the educational process or scientific research in department/college.
  19. Above criteria may be excluded from those who are being nominated by Al Maarefa University’ administration to attend a conference or to represent Al Maarefa University for a mission determined by Al Maarefa University based on the recommendation of the main committee for scientific research.


  1. Faculty member should apply to the head of department to attend a conference two months ahead of the date of the conference using the designated form, and attach a copy of the accepted research paper, the organizer acceptance letter, and a description of the conference theme and scientific program.
  2. The request should be discussed at the department council, if approved; it passed to the college council, if approved; it passed to the main committee for scientific research, if approved, it passed to Al Maarefa University’ provost for final approval.
  3. The conference attendance approval depends on several criteria such as:
    1. The number of conferences’ attendance within each department/college.
    2. The financial position and budget allocated to support research and conferences.
    3. The ranking and indexing of the conference and its organizers.
    4. The correlation of the conference subject/theme to the faculty member or the needs of Al Maarefa University.
    5. The quality of the accepted research paper.

Please fill the following form and email it along with all required documents to the research center email

Conference/workshop Attendance Request form