Scientific Research Day

Sunday, June 12, 2016

As a part of Almaarefa colleges’ effort on supporting and initiating scientific research, and under the patronage of the board director Dr. Zied Alzamil, the MCST provost Dr. Ibrahim Almilhim has launched the scientific research day, which was organized by the colleges’ academic affairs and has a high number of attendees of students and staff. The scientific research day aims at initiating the research at the colleges’ through numbers of lectures by medical and technology researchers from the colleges. The program consists of lectures about the national plan for science, technology, and innovation; guidelines on doing scientific research, scientific publications, guidelines and tips on making research proposals, tips on getting research funds. In addition, a speech on the student research club. At the end, the colleges’ provost expressed thanks to the attendees for their participation and has presented the awards to the speakers.