Vice deanship for Admission and Registration


Pioneering and excellence in the process of Admission, Registration and Students’ Affairs, which qualified the colleges to compete with internal, external, regional and International Higher Education Institutions


Excellence in performing all the admission,  registration and students’ affairs operations and services  in a framework that ensures quality, transparency and justice among the students; with the optimal use of technology in all procedures  by the outstanding human cadres, and ushers incentive to high quality of work systems.


  • Acquiring comprehensive quality standards for the Admission, Registration and Students’ Affairs services.
  • Developing   competent occupational and administrative performance for the provostship employees
  • Application and modernizing the best technology for admission, registration and students’ affairs services; as well as the academic system and all other services.
  • Providing various academic services, which include the guidance and consultative academic services.
  • Encouraging students in innovation, creativity and supporting their talents.