Emergency Medical Services


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Emergency Medical Services Program, in compliance with MCST mission statement, seeks to prepare high caliber pre-hospital professionals in emergency care. We promote creativity, foster an environment of learning and research. We will maintain commitment to EMS agencies and other communities of interest within our area to support personal and professional growth and community services.

Degrees Requirements

The college offers a BSc in Emergency Medical Services and in order to successfully complete these courses and obtain a degree, the following is required:

1. The successful completion of a minimum of four years of study (143 credit hours) for Emergency Medical Services. This is by successfully completing a number of accredited units from the General Curriculum at AlMaarefa University, a number of accredited units from the compulsory courses taught at the college of Applied Sciences as well a number of accredited units from the chosen discipline.

2. Successfully complete clinical training during the residency year (no less than 48 weeks of training). During this year, the student will practice the knowledge and skills he has gained through clinical practice in a hospital.

Career opportunities

A graduate from the BSc Emergency Medical Services program at the College of Applied Sciences will have the following career opportunities:

  • Work as a specialist in Emergency Medical Services and in First Aid units.
  • Works as an Emergency Medical Care practitioner in public and private Emergency Medical Care institutes.
  • Work as an Emergency Medical Services Practitioner in Emergency Medical Services and Disaster Management units.
  • Work in Higher Education institute as a specialist in Clinical Practices
  • Progress to higher studies related to academic and medical work