General science Program and English Language

The Department of General Preparation in Al Maarefa University aspires to make an objective educational shift in the student's thinking by developing his abilities, scientifically, ethically, creatively and skillfully, by preparing the students properly and in harmony with the aspirations of all other departments. In addition to English for Special Purposes Courses (ESP), through three basic tracks:

The First Track/ English Language: The Department offers three basic levels of English language courses to prepare students and improve their proficiency in the four basic skills of English (reading, listening, writing and speaking).

The second Track/ general science: The department undertakes to prepare students and raise their level of knowledge in general sciences (chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, biostatistics, computer).

The third Track/Humanities: The Department is interested in preparing students in terms of developing their level of knowledge in the humanities (Islamic culture, Arabic language, psychology, communication skills).