Activating the quality assurance and accreditation processes of the university; to contribute for the attainment of the university's mission and strategic objectives in accordance with the modern standards in educational institutions.


Quality shall be a core value for the AlMaarefa University community.

The Director's Message:

For supporting Al Maarefa University in establishing an academic environment that contributes to building AL MAAREFA society and encouraging creativity, scientific and research excellence for society service that based on the importance of the organizational aspect in strengthening this trend, and in order to enable all university employees to activate the quality system.

Tasks of the committees have been formed to activate the university's quality assurance and accreditation processes, and to contribute to achieving the university’s quality and its strategic goals in accordance with the latest standards in educational institutions.

Strategic Goals:

  • Disseminate the culture of quality and raise awareness of the concept of performance evaluation, quality assurance and continuous development.
  • Support and build the capacity of university staff in the field of quality assurance systems and mechanisms.
  • Strengthen and raise the efficiency of the university; and uplift the level of its productivity in both administrative and academic aspects.
  • Evolve a quality-laden educational system in all academic programs at the university.
  • Establish full-proof performance monitoring system at the university.
  • Support and encourage strategic planning practices at all levels of the university.
  • Contribute to raising the holistic satisfaction rate among the staff of the university.
Tasks of the Quality Center:
  • To prepare the annual operational plan for quality within the framework of the general strategic objectives and directions of the university; and pursue its implementation after its adoption in coordination with the relevant bodies.

  • Supervise the preparation of the strategic plan of the university in coordination with the relevant entities inside and outside the university for submission to the university rector; and tracked its application after approval has been obtained.

  • Provide guidance and advisory services to colleges, academic departments, and various departments of the university with the aim of instilling the culture of quality and strategic planning.

  • Link relationships with stakeholders in performance evaluation and quality assurance issues with other local universities to maximize benefits through exchange of experiences and consultations with these entities.

  • Coordinate with the International Cooperation Unit to arrange with appropriate international organizations in preparation for cooperation with them for development and quality purposes to serve the university's objectives and policies in building international partnerships and agreements.

  • Track consistently to obtain the requirements of academic and administrative accreditation locally and internationally at the university in coordination with Quality Marks donors and related entities.

  • Tracing Institutional performance evaluation programs in coordination with colleges, academic and administrative departments to foster quality.

  • Carry out analysis of the results of performance evaluation and quality assurance activities at the university and submit an annual report to the competent body.

  • Frequent contacts with colleges, academic and administrative departments to ensure the preparation of the necessary periodic quality and accreditation reports and subsequently preserve those models of reports.

  • Deploy suitable mechanisms and procedures to improve the quality of academic and administrative performance at the university.

  • Follow-up the collection of the necessary data, information, and statistics to analyze the results of performance evaluation and quality assurance activities at the university and submit an annual report to the University Council. 

  • Devise performance monitoring plans to ensure the required administrative and academic quality and coordination with the university agency, support deanships, colleges and university departments respectively. 

  • Coordinate with the colleges’ vice-deanship for academic affairs to check out and ensure the regularity of the educational process at the beginning of each semester and prepare the necessary monitoring reports and submit them to the university vice-rector. 

  • Coordinate with concerned entities within the university to work and organize the necessary standardized tests; and conduct benchmarking exercise to assess the outputs of the university programs and the performance of supporting departments. 

  • Keep tab on the administrative development of the center in accordance with the recommendations of the approved periodic performance and operation reports. 

  • Maintain the property, facilities and the equipment of the university and ensuring that periodic maintenance is provided to it in coordination with the concerned departments. 

  • Follow-up of the reported regular procedures regarding the financial and administrative aspects, respectively. 

  • Prepare quarterly and annual reports of the university rector on the achievement levels and performance improvement couple with development proposals. 

  • Participate in the preparation of the university's annual achievement as envisaged. 

  • Carry out any work assigned to him in its field of competence.

Risk Plan

Risk Plan