A university has three main missions; these missions are represented in education, research and the community service. In Al Maarefa University the above mentioned missions are combined in one center; that is, the Social Service Center. The Center aims at the investment in knowledge and scientific research to be presented to the community as it is a duty and an obligation towards it.    The Center schedules annually culture, health and social events, and makes plans for the participation of the community in these events that involve education, awareness, training and research activities. What makes such participations unique is that they are emerged within the community, and here lies the philosophy of social service that the university adopts. Since our ambition is global, every year the university adopts some of the United Nations’ goals for sustainable development and develops programs that aim to the well-being of the community. Our service does not seize with the end of the event. On the contrary, our service is sustainable that reflects a positive behavior in the community.


Initiatives in community service that conform to human values.


Planting the community awareness in the employees of the university as a promotion of a cultural practice, sponsoring community initiatives, and community partnerships.

Strategic Goals: 


  1. Utilization of knowledge for public interest.

  2. Participation in achieving the kingdom’s vision 2030 in the field of voluntary community service. 

  3. Increase the awareness of community responsibility among the university’s employees.

  4. Enhance active community participation to achieve the United Nations sustainable development goals.

  5. Empower and support the community responsibility among the university employees.