Almaarefa University (UM) is a private establishment of higher education, designed to fulfill a recognized public function, by meeting clearly identified needs in important domains for national development. By adopting an innovative approach to teaching and learning, by making intensive use of cutting-edge educational technologies, UM attracts students from a broadly targeted clientele, namely high school graduates (both male and female) from the Riyadh region, from other regions of Saudi Arabia, and from the GCC states.

This report aims to establish AlMaarefa University's Sustainability and Climate Action Policy. Recognizing our responsibility as an educational institution and as members of the global community, we are committed to taking significant measures to address environmental challenges and contribute to a sustainable future for generations to come.

Guiding Principles

  1. Our Sustainability and Climate Action Policy is based on the following guiding principles:
  2. Environmental Responsibility: We recognize our responsibility towards the environment and commit to minimizing our negative impact while maximizing our positive contributions to the environment.
  3. Education and Awareness: We will promote education and awareness about environmental and climate change issues within our university community.
  4. Action and Continuous Improvement: We will implement concrete measures to reduce our carbon footprint and continually improve our practices and policies in favor of sustainability.


Carbon Emission Reduction

We will establish targets to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and work towards achieving net-zero emissions in our operations.

Efficient Resource Utilization

We will implement practices and technologies that promote efficient use of resources such as energy, water, and materials, encouraging recycling and reusing within the university campus.

Research Promotion in Sustainability and Climate Change

We will support and promote research and projects