Program accreditation

Accreditation Programs: The University Council holds its fourth meeting for this year under the chairmanship of His Excellency the President of the University Prof. Dr. Walid bin Hussein Abu Al-Faraj on Thursday 6/22/1442 corresponding to 2/4-2021. Achievements that will contribute - with the grace of God - in achieving the aspirations that befit their position. In a related context, His Excellency the Vice President of the University, Dr. Nasser bin Ali Al-Jarallah, stated to the newsletter that the Council discussed the latest developments in the programmatic accreditation plan that the university seeks to complete in the near future, as well as the results of the committees of the private universities, and the most prominent future plans, as he expressed his satisfaction with what He has been reached, hoping for the university to achieve more success.

Student Creations Gallery

The Student Committee at the College of Medicine held an art exhibition on Wednesday and Thursday 20-21 January 2021, where the exhibition witnessed student innovations in the arts of Arabic calligraphy and drawing presented by students Joud Asfari, Fatima Al-Hamili, Maha Dwidari, Hoda Othman, Shahd Mari, Ghadeer Al-Damen, and Asma Al-Abbadi varied between Arabic calligraphy, plastic art, handicrafts and infographics. The exhibition featured two workshops in the skills of Arabic calligraphy and drawing. On this occasion, His Excellency the Vice Dean of the College, Dr. Saad bin Muhammad Asiri, stated that technical skills are part of the formation of a doctor. Medicine is a science framed by a sophisticated human feeling, and art refines this feeling.