The academic affairs aims at the continuous quality improvement of the academic environment in the colleges to attain the excellence to which it may achieve the colleges vision and mission by following the quality and accreditation standards, academic disciplines, good practices of local and global higher education institutions in managing and supervising the academic affairs of the colleges.

Vice-deanship for academic affairs tasks
  • Pursuing the academic affairs at the colleges to assure their efficiency and effectiveness, and arranging among different colleges to achieve integration and harmonization among all academic activities to which the general policies and goals of the colleges may be achieved.
  • Developing the policy and procedures that support research and applied studies to achieve the excellence in research and applied studies.
  • Developing the policy and procedures that support e-learning and learning resources to improve the educational processes to diverse the learning and teaching strategies to improve the students’ achievement.
  • Supervising the annual evaluation of programs and curriculums in accordance to the labor market needs to improvement or establishment of new program.