Program Mission:

The mission of the Respiratory Care Program is to prepare students to meet the modern professional requirements in the Respiratory Care setting that encourages initiative and leadership, provide a professional academic environment for its faculty, and excel in community services.

Message from the Head
د . محمد بن مساعد الطويل

On behalf of my colleagues, I’d like to welcome you to the respiratory care program webpage. Respiratory care is a healthcare specialty that focuses on the promotion of optimum cardiopulmonary function, health, and wellness for cardiopulmonary-compromised patients. Respiratory care practitioners are educated, trained, and licensed professionals who employ scientific principles to identify, treat and prevent acute or chronic dysfunction of the cardiopulmonary system. They also rehabilitate patients with chronic cardiopulmonary diseases.

The respiratory care program at Almaarefa University provides a strong base in therapeutic techniques and state-of-the-art equipment that is conducted by highly experienced instructors, and hands-on experience at some of the best medical centers. Through this combined educational and practical experience, students learn to use their classroom knowledge in real-life situations.


Chairman, Respiratory Care Department

Dr. Mohammed AlTaweel

Program Goals:

Prepare students to be competent respiratory therapist to meet the expectations of the College and the community and the standards of Saudi Commission of Health Science and the International Recognition of Respiratory Care practitioners.

Provide the professional development aids as i.e., Communication, conflict, stress and time managements to foster professional growth of Respiratory Care.

Create and support research encouraging environment to conduct special research in basic and clinical Respiratory Care sciences.

Provide and maintain a high level of community services and patient education.

Provide appropriate learning environment to acquire good experience (i.e., lectures, practical and clinics).

Provide students with the necessary clinical and academic training enabling them to achieve the recognize targets of occupational competencies.

Degrees Requirements

The college offers a BSc in Respiratory Care and in order to obtain the degree, the following is required:

  • The successful completion of a minimum of four years of study (142 credit hours) for Respiratory Care. This is by successfully completing a number of accredited units from the General Curriculum at Al-Maarefa University, a number of accredited units from the compulsory courses taught at the College of Applied Sciences as well as a number of accredited units from the chosen discipline.
  • Successfully complete clinical training during the internship year (no less than 48 weeks of training). During this year, the student will practice the knowledge and skills he has gained through clinical practice in a hospital.

Admission requirements for new students

New secondary school graduate students can be admitted according to the following:

  1. Obtaining a secondary school certificate (Natural Science) or its equivalent from a school inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or abroad.
  2. Should not exceed more than five years after obtaining secondary school certificate.
  3. Obtaining the required grade specified by the Council of Colleges in the secondary school certificate, General Aptitude Test (GAT) and Scholastic Achievement Admission Test (SAAT) by the National Center Assessment, or its equivalents (Scholastic Assessment Test -SAT) according to the following: At least 80% in secondary school certificate (GPA) and at least 65% in the General Aptitude Testisand 60% in the Scholastic Achievement Admission Test or SAT 950.
  4. Obtaining the required English language skills in each specialty requires at least 40 score in the Oxford test or its equivalent from other standard examination (TOEFL iBT 40, IELTS (ACADEMIC), 3.5 or STEP 62), and study English program at colleges.
  5. Exhibiting a good conduct and behavior.
  6. Should not be dismissed from other college or university due to disciplinary reasons.
  7. Passing any exam or interview required by the Department for admission.
  8. Passing a medical test as required by completing the medical examination at the approved hospital.
  9. Should provide permission from his/her employer to continue as a fulltime student if he/she is working.
  10. Pay 3000 SAR nonrefundable admission fee is required for admission and pay a one-time only.
  11. Pay tuition fee ( 60000 per year ) which is non-refundable if withdraw from the colleges
  12. Satisfy any other requirements by the Department that may be announced during admission period.