Goal 4: Quality education

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Al Maarefa University (UM) emphasizes the role of education as a very crucial to reduce inequalities and enable socioeconomic mobility leading to less poverty and a more peaceful society. Since Education is a core stone in UM's mission: To prepare high-caliber participants in a knowledge-based economy; and to motivate creativity, and excellence in research, education, and community service UM is committed to inclusive and equitable quality education and engaged in promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all. UM support the promotion of lifelong learning values and enable individuals to benefit from various learning and training opportunities and access to knowledge resources. 


UM realizes the importance of SDGs as developed by UN in 2015.Therfor UM has adopted its teaching and learning strategies across university to meet the needs of faculty and students. UM has incorporated courses that address community health, research, communication and poverty   eradication from the national to the local level. The ultimate aim is to place UM upfront in bridging the gab that exists between the privileged and unprivileged.

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UM treats education with quality, equity, and opportunity for lifelong learning. It has a main task to provide academic services to community for both public and private sectors coming with different sizes and forms for wide range of people ranging from the normal services to skill development through short courses, seminars, training and workshops. As well UM offers scholarship and financial support, start-up and innovation incubation. UM is enormously providing lifelong learning opportunities, through projects that serve the concept of a continuous and unfinished learning process or confined to a specific educational model, a specific context, or a specific period of life, which necessitates the acquisition and improvement of the learning necessary for self-development from a social and professional point of view so that it enables the individual to adapt to dynamic contexts changing reinforcing their lifelong earning values; in order to reach the rank of active citizenship. Furthermore, UM enable adults of both genders who hold a diploma qualification and are outside the education stream to continue their training and professional development to enter he labor market and participate in the economic development of the family and society. Thus, expanding the concept of adult education to lifelong learning, and empowering adults of both genders to advance their cultural, health, social and economic levels. Also, UM seeks to enrich the culture of work among women, which includes concern for the values of work as well it spreads the culture of volunteer work among members of society and activate the role of community participation. Adding to hat, the launch of entrepreneurial business projects is aligned with the Ministry of Education (MOE) objectives.

UM offers a set of public lectures and other local events throughout the year, within and outside its premises by providing access to educational resources such as online courses, computer and library.

  • UM has a long history in educational outreach activities (ad hoc and programmed) in the local community. They are actively involved in such efforts which are considered as faculty responsibilities for them to share the knowledge with the public, particularly with those who are in situations of educational disadvantage.

  • UM is also actively involved in hosting community educational service activities such as education programs, vocational trainings, job fairs and other ceremonies.

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