Excellence in performing all the admission,  registration and students’ affairs operations and services  in a framework that ensures quality, transparency and justice among the students; with the optimal use of technology in all procedures  by the outstanding human cadres, and ushers incentive to high quality of work systems.


Pioneering and excellence in the process of Admission, Registration and Students’ Affairs, which qualified the colleges to compete with internal, external, regional and International Higher Education Institutions

The Dean’s Message:

The Deanship of Admission, Registration and Student Affairs is one of the main deanships in any university, as it represents the link between the university and the community, and between faculty members and students. The student’s university life begins from this deanship and continues with it and concludes his university career through it.

The Deanship looks forward to achieve the university’s vision and mission towards excellence in admission and registration processes and student affairs in all its services while focusing to attract the best students and achieve transparency and justice among them during their university career.

And through its website, the deanship contributes to enhancing the awareness aspect with the information it contains about the university, its colleges, majors, and admission requirements, and informing the students of the necessary rules and regulations that they need during his academic career, such as the system of study and tests, student rights, and so on.

The Deanship seeks to speed up and improve the admission and registration procedures that helps in speeding up and improving the work process, completing tasks, simplifying procedures, and furthermore transforming towards an electronic work environment according to the instructions of the wise leadership to shift to the concept of e-government.

The Deanship is still giving constant efforts to make the most of benefits of modern technologies and develop academic processes in a way that serves the faculty member and student, while adhering to the highest standards in providing all its utilities to serve the university and develop its outcomes in a way that correspond with the aspirations of this generous kingdom.

Also, the Deanship contributes, through the Department of Student Affairs, to provide many activities with an intellectual, skill, and voluntary dimensions, which help students to develop many skills required in the job market. The university also provides, within the framework of its social responsibility, many activities and initiatives that enhance the students' cultural and awareness aspects particularly in the health field which the university is specialized in. The university is keen on its active presence in many national occasions, which supports national belonging and cohesion among the people of this generous kingdom.

Psychological and social counseling:

1.  Providing individual counseling for students by following up on cases that need support whether social or psychological and by organizing individual counseling sessions that the student counselor conducts in complete confidentiality, and preparing a treatment plan to solve the problem.

2.  Conducting counseling sessions on appropriate CBT for each case.

3.  Holding family counseling sessions as required in some cases.

Departments almaarefa university

Departments almaarefa university


•Admission and Registration..

• Student Affairs .

Student Activities

Student Activities:

  • Student Clubs
  • Skills Record
  • Student Advisory Council

Alumni Unit

Alumni Unit

It is concerned with sponsoring the university's graduates, communicating with them, and providing them with informational services regarding training opportunities and available employment in both the private and public sectors. It assists them in obtaining suitable jobs that align with their specialties and meet the requirements of the job market. It also introduces the public and private sectors to the competencies of the university's graduates in various disciplines each year.