This unit is concerned with extra-curricular student activities and works on offering its various services such as to:

  • Focus on planning an annual program for student extra-curricular activities,following up on their organization, and showing its continuous support.
  • Encourage students' proposals and creative ideas for student activities & hobbies.
  • Provide opportunities for volunteer work and participation in community service programs.
  • Give support to student clubs and encourage
Students Clubs:

Any group of students is entitled to apply to start a new student club that holds their interests, hobbies or talents together; provided that they meet all the conditions and requirements approved by the Student Activities Department.

This will allow more autonomy to students who will be obligated to meet these standards. Types of Clubs include:

  • Specialized clubs: College of Medicine club, College of Pharmacy club, College of Applied sciences club.
  • General clubs: Reading club, Integrity club.
  • Students' initiatives' club: Almaarefa Experts.

الأنشطة الطلابية


Skills Records:


بوابة المعرفة الاكاديمي

Skills Record is an official document issued by the Students Affair Department in Almaarefa university that includes all the training workshops, voluntary works, and extracurricular activities that the student has completed during his/her study in the university. The objective is to provide the university graduates with an approved document that indicates they are skillful in non-academic fields and to help them have better opportunities in the job markets. Skills Records: