Provide a comfortable educational environment that enhances learning & professionalism promoting research and community services.


To graduate competent physicians with high ethical values in an effective educational environment, inspiring research and community service

The Dean’s Message
عميد كلية الطب

During the past two decades, medical education has witnessed a significant acceleration in the development of its content, the diversity of learning and teaching strategies, the extension of the roles of faculty members, joint education among all students of different health specialties, and students’ centric activities aligned with community needs and future trends in the field of health and healthcare.

The future of medical practice is influenced by many factors, including the divergent trend between focusing on individualized and personalized care and population health management, between professional skills development and the growing role of technology, artificial intelligence and big data, as well as between the expansion of comprehensive coverage and the enhancement of the benefits package provided to beneficiaries.

With these great variables and diversity in teaching methods and strategies, the Faculty of Medicine at Almaarefa University believes that the student is the main focus in this context by enhancing and developing his cognitive abilities, practical and clinical skills, and personal skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, teamwork, self-learning, mastery and application of different technology in His working life and communication with patients and preparing him to work and learn in all different fields and environments internally and externally, enhanced by the spirit of compassion and care for individuals and society. He is well equipped to provide the necessary support to his colleagues in the health team with a skill that combines leadership and teamwork. The college also believes that the college leadership, faculty members, students, the various University administrations and colleges, and all our partners in the field of training and work are sharing a common goal, which is to raise the level of graduates and maximize their value for healthcare and community. Therefore, the college is working on developing its curricula and preparing training programs for faculty members and students to achieve its strategic vision to be a pioneering medical college in education, learning, innovation and community service with high efficiency and sustainability.

Dr. Khalid I. AlQumaizi

Career opportunities for Al-Maarefa graduates

Al-Maarefa graduates will be equipped with the necessary skills to work in any health institution as General Practitioners and will also be qualified to enroll in any local or international medical specialized training. 

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  • Teamwork
  • Trust and honesty
  • Student-centered education


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Program Study Plan & Curriculum Map

The program of Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS (aims at training and qualifying young generations of medical graduates through proper innovative programs in medical education. The curriculum is taught in blocks entered on body systems with horizontal integration of basic medical sciences, and elements of vertical integration of clinical application and clinically related cases.

This makes it easier for the student to understand the strong relationship between basic sciences and the applied clinical sciences.

The College encourages students to use all sources of learning and research, develop the scientific capabilities and personal aspects necessary to build a future doctor who will contribute effectively to community development and patient care.

Degrees Requirements

Almaarefa College of Medicine program offers the degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) which requires fulfilling six years of successful study and one year of internship (222 credit hours in seven years).